Invited Speakers

Prof. Pedro Alvarez

George R. Brown Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering , RICE, USA

Research Interests: Environmental implications and applications of nanotechnology, bioremediation, fate and transport of toxic chemicals, water footprint of biofuels, water treatment and reuse, and antibiotic resistance control.

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Prof. Lisa Alvarez Cohen

Fred and Claire Sauer Professor of Environmental Engineering, Berkeley, USA

Research Interests: Biotransformation and fate of environmental water contaminants, environmental microbiology and ecology, bioremediation, biological wastewater nutrient removal, and application of molecular and isotopic techniques for studying environmental microbial communities.

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Dr. Shmuel Assouline

Soil, Water and Environmental Sciences, Agricultural Research Organization, Volcani Center, Israel

Research Interests: Soil physics, irrigation, surface hydrology, improvement of water use efficiency and water resources management.  

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Prof. Thomas Clasen

Rose Salamone Gangarosa Professor of Sanitation & Safe Water, Emory University, USA 

Research Interests: Health impact evaluations of water, sanitation and household air pollution interventions in low-income countries. 

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Prof. Yoram Cohen

Distinguished Professor, Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering Department
and UCLA Institute of the Environment and Sustainability; Director, Water Technology Research Center

Research Interests: Water treatment and desalination, membrane separations, environmental impact assessment, toxicity modeling, machine learning and nanoinformatics. 

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Prof. Menachem Elimelech

Roberto Goizueta Professor of Environmental and Chemical Engineering , Yale, USA

Research Interests: Membrane-based technologies at the water-energy nexus, materials for next-generation desalination and water purification membranes, and environmental applications of nanomaterials. 

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Prof. Haim Gvirtzman

Institute of Earth Sciences, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel

Research Interests: Hydrogeology at the Sea of Galilee; geofluids of the Dead Sea; Judea and Samaria karstic aquifer; interfaces In coastal aquifers; salinization processes at the Sea of Galilee; groundwater contamination & remediation; modeling of perched springs

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Prof. George Hornberger
Craig E. Philip Professor of Engineering, Vanderbilt, USA

Research Interests: Adaptation to drought; how cities evolve water conservation practices; transition dynamics in integrated urban water systems; the links between community water supply and human health within an environmental justice context.

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Prof. Ori Lahav

Faculty of Civil and Environmental Engineering, Technion, Israel
Research Interests: Aquatic chemistry; Water and wastewater treatment; focus on physical-chemical process development; Desalination; Aquacultural engineering

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Prof. Dr. Eberhard Morgenroth

Chair for Urban Water Management, ETH Zurich, Switzerland
Research Interests: Biofilm reactors, gravity driven membrane filtration, environmental biotechnology, urban water management

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Prof. Yoram Oren

Zuckerberg Institute for Water Research, Ben Gurion University of the Negev, Israel

Research Interests: Electrochemical and surface phenomena associated with water treatment processes.

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Prof. Hans Paerl

Kenan Professor of Marine and Environmental Sciences, UNC-CH Institute of Marine Sciences

Research Interests: Microbially-mediated nutrient cycling and primary production dynamics; environmental controls and management of harmful algal blooms; assessing effects of human and climatic alterations of water quality and sustainability of inland, estuarine and coastal marine waters.

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Prof. Joan Rose
Homer Nowlin Chair in Water Research Michigan State University, USA

Research Interests: Promoting new tools for environmental surveillance of waterborne pathogens thorough various exposure pathways to be used in Quantitative Microbial Risk Assessment (QMRA); examination of indoor exposure pathways using advanced microbial diagnostics for bacteria, protozoa and viruses; new nanopore technology to monitor pathogens in the environment and droplet digital multiplexing PCR.

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Prof. John Selker

Professor of Biological and Ecological Engineering , Oregon State University, USA

Research Interests: Hydrologic Instrumentation, vadose Zone Hydrology, groundwater hydrology, stochastic hydrology, contaminant transport.

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Seth Siegel

Freelancer: Writer, Activist, USA

Research Interests: 

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Prof. Orit Sivan

Geological & Environmental Sciences, Ben Gurion University of the Negev, Israel

Research Interests: Explore anaerobic microbial respiration processes across different types of interfaces, including the sediment-water interface and the fresh-saline groundwater interface in coastal aquifers, using a quantitative geochemical approach 

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